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Compression & Transfer Moulding.
50 machines, from 25t - 400t
Mouldings from just a few grams to over 10 Kilos in weight.
Materials include:- Polyester dough and sheet compounds (DMC & SMC).
Phenolic (Bakelite). Melamine, Urea and Epoxy.

Injection Moulding.
50 machines, from 25t - 1100t
Mouldings from a few grams to 4.5 Kilos.
Insert moulding on the latest vertical Arburg machinery.

The latest tie-barless injection machinery from Engel
All types of Thermoplastics processed.


Tool room Equipment.

The production capability is underpinned by well equipped tool room facilities.  We are able to carry out routine servicing and maintenance of the mould tools, as well as modifications and refurbishments.  Specialist Jigs and Fixtures are also designed and manufactured.

Click HERE for a full list of our moulding plant.

650 tonne CNC injection moulding machine

Injection Moulding

Compression Moulding


Inspection equipment.

A wide range of equipment is available throughout the group which includes:-  3D co-ordinate measurement equipment, also 3D non contact digital measuring, along with very accurate tensile testing for specialist applications.

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